Brazil was the country that received telemarketing calls and scams

São Paulo - Brazil was the country that received unwanted calls - called "spam" - in 2018, according to a survey by Truecaller, company specializing in Caller ID. With an average of 37 links "spam" per month, the country overtook India, calls having telemarketing and telephone operators as the segments that most harassed customers.

The report said the election period contributed to the increase in user complaints about unwanted calls. With 36%, telemarketing service that was more bothered - against 12% in 2017 -, followed by the telephone operators (32% in 2018 against 33% in 2017), usually offering free data plans or unlimited calling users.

Increase in coup attempts

However, given that the most striking is the increase of fraudulent calls, They are jumping from 1% in 2017 para 20% in this year. According to Truecaller, this type of connection covers scammers who come in contact with the user charging for illegitimate services, as money transfer requirement that the energy of the residence is not cut, for example.

Another very applied fraud is "one ring scam" ("The single touch coup", free translation), in which an unknown number (usually international) performs a single call, which results in a missed call. Stimulated the call back, the user then receives a high rate for calling long distance.

Fourth in the Brazilian scene are the "nuisance calls", which are more general and also represent a disturbance to the user. This category hazing, harassing calls and fake kidnapping scams.

Another major problem of spam calls that Brazil is facing calls are annoying (10%). These are more general types of unwanted calls and unsolicited they are a disruption to users or, no minimum, They are called hazing and worst, harassment and false kidnapping call.

increasing trend worldwide

Between January and October, TrueCaller the user base received 17.7 billions of unwanted calls, resulting in an increase of 300% no world all. It is noteworthy that the company only considers its own base of registered users.

Besides Brazil, many countries reported a very high overall increase compared to 2017, as Mexico and Costa Rica. In the top ten, the United States was the only country that fell, going from 2nd to 8th position and having the insurance and collection services as major teasers.

Check out the table with the ten countries most affected by unwanted calls.


Parents 2017 2018
Brazil 20.7% 37.5%
India 22.6% 22.3%
Chile 17,4% 21.9%
Africa do Sul 15% 21%
Mexico 12.2% 20,9%
Peru 12.2% 19,8%
Costa Rica 4.3% 18.5%
U.S 20.7% 16.9%
Greece 8.5% 13.1%
Spain 6.2% 12.5%

Source: Truecaller