Evolution of Contact Center in the Last Decade

Over the past decade the segment Call Center We had great evolution, both for companies and for customers.

Operating tools had the transformation from analog to digital, CRM systems are no longer in physical server but in cloud storage, the all-digital telephony and fully integrated into the customer's system, the audio links can be heard online form by the customer.

The management team also had major changes, goal for productivity, job option home office, supervisory deploying google philosophy with coaching follow-up.

The fully differentiated tutoring with individual feedback, supervisory always motivational techniques and dynamic.

we last 5 great years and medium enterprises have opted for outsourcing both the cost and results achieved, as a team 100% focused on serving both active, receptive, sac, ombudsman, telesales have a trained team, focus, directed one of the best strategies and outsourcing of the call center and telemarketing service.

Companies like ITAU, BRADESCO, GREENPEACE has outsourced all commercial area, billing and relationship with telemarketing companies because the result achieved much of the time there is greater 40% if you built, the secret of all this and total dedication of the project by the contractor.

These ten years much has been said robot, URA digital, technology, however for projects like relationships, sales, prospecting the human operator is the best option to ensure excellence in customer service.