Importance of satisfaction survey

In the first quarter the index of companies that search for satisfaction surveys and NPS has gradually increased, because knowing what the customer feels, your care, the quality of your product and / or service, the margin of the quality of their care,, this year 2019 the quality of service has been a great challenge for organizations.

The research seeks to collect information to improve the company's work and carry information about the performance of services for society, as well as consumer protection agencies. The results allow to compare, satisfaction and perception of quality of consumers, by provider and by service.

Research has been done 87% by telephone active link, because the return email, and sms to search becomes virtually nil by the interviewee, and the phone has been the greater assertiveness generator attendance and response of the research.

The questionnaire questions on satisfaction of service delivery as well as on the perceived quality with the provider of the service channels; supply and contracting services; operation of services; collection, repair and installation; as well as problem-solving ability.

A company that does not use the satisfaction survey for your end customer can not measure the quality of your product and / or service.