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BR Call Center

A company aiming to develop their customer base through telemarketing differences in their shapes.

Started its activities in 2009 providing targeted services for telemarketing area: ASSETS / LIABILITIES AND INFORMATIONAL always suited the needs of each client.

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Sales and Relationship


• With a fully flexible platform, the company provides products marketing solutions for clients in various segments.



• BR Call Center has installed processes and technology to conduct customer service operations, which includes support for sales, complaints and suggestions, forwarding requests and questions.

Billing and Back Office


• Focusing on massed operations, Br Call Center develops solution for implementing all the credit recovery cycle, including posting and management of cards / slips, and includes specific tools to meet different strategies.

Help Desk


• called Monitoring Service, holder, transfer of knowledge and techniques, by phone or via remote access, enabling diagnose and resolve incidents and customer problems when they occur.


  • Attendance, to bring business to our customers precise response and fast moving business in our times;
  • Transparency, to create a continuous model of partnerships and loyalty of our internal and external customers;
  • Talent capture, so that our organization is always on the rise and human development environment is as pleasant as possible avoiding the turnover;
  • Quality of information, always aligned, because we need to be quick in answers and solutions, but never losing the quality as important as the speed.

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