Custom Plans Call Center

In the call center world and impossible not to mention the word technology, within various customized plans for Call Center, in which we will quote below, all involve a very rapid technological developments facilitating the day to day customer and operator.

Speech Analytics

customized plans as speech Analytcis allow the speech the listener is transcribed to text and recorded in your history that is before the attendant to care throughout the registration is already inserted into the system thus facilitating communication and data security.

Pop-ups de insights

The period of service, the customer CRM system can send pop-ups with reminders and important guidance to the operator. With this tool and can at the same contact, you can request data update, make counter-proposals and ensure that the purpose of the connection is reached.

Integrated database and BI

For pop-ups, the formulation of the prospect list and other service tools are really strategic, the use of database and business intelligence to achieve operational area, summarizing beyond historical records system, attendants should also have access to statistical analyzes and reports on consumer behavior and anything that can help in customization of contacts making the improvement in the process of care.


The omnicanalidade's main tool for customizing care. Each client has different needs and preferences, starting with the purchase journey and the choice of channels of contact with the company.

With 4 tools above have accomplished customizing operation, however so that all of them work and must have a trained team, trained, motivated because the technology does not replace the warmth and team motivation.


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