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What we do

Telemarketing Active and Receptive

Leverage your business by telemarketing services to receive contacts or, make contacts thus offering products, services and information related to your business.
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Call Center Services

Offers an automated service for customers of your company through the services of Call Center. Through a focus of attention, you can optimize the time and return on investment for your company increase profitability in business.
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Telesales Outsourced

Increase your sales and strengthen the commercial department of your company outsourced telesales services that BR Call Center has to offer. Learn more about telesales outsourcing services.
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Billing Outsourcing

Through the collection outsourcing services, your company can recover outstanding amounts, without the need to have a specific department for this purpose. Contact BR Call Center and learn about the outsourced collection services.
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SAC – Services Customer Service

The SAC is an important tool for your customers, it to Br Call Center has a call center to be an instrument in loyalty, retention, and service to its customers.
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